It’s Summer Solstice! It’s been a slow-moving crawl to summer with NYC’s bipolar weather, but something I look forward to is my summer beauty routine. This season, I’ve amped up my lip-wear collection and my skincare regimen. I’ll share my secrets in a future post. So where do I draw inspiration from? Other than Instagram + friends, I look to runway shows. From the elitist makeup artists in the world, I’ve put together next-level beauty looks to try this Summer. Drop a comment with the first look you’ll be replicating.

Bold Eyes

From the SS18 runway, a repetitive trend is bright bold eyes. Whether it’s soft peachy eyes or a killer white eyeliner, it’s definitely a look worth trying when your outfit is jeans + a t-shirt.

Shades of Red

My favorite look is the cherry stained glossy lips, it gives me nostalgic vibes of ring pops and red ices. Dolce & Gabbana has the right idea when it comes to dark red, it’s a color for all seasons.

Highlight Bling

Gotta hit them angles! I’m the girl that has about 10 highlighters because I can’t get enough and I live for the glow. Be bold with a fuschia pop on eyes and cheekbones or go ham with trophy wife.

Grown Up Glitter

Some of you might think, this is too early 2000s but hey so is the glossy lip. This is the perfect eye makeup for music festivals + concerts like OTRII. Beyoncé doesn’t leave home without her glitter so why should you?


When all else fails, either it’s too hot or you’re just not in the mood. Invest in a worthy serum over a moisturizer. The no makeup, natural look is one you can’t beat.

Images from Vogue & Harpers Bazaar

In honor of International Women’s Day and Black History Month — extended, I want to highlight eight black models currently changing the game. These women have been breaking down barriers and getting the recognition they deserve. They are from various parts of the world and from different cultural backgrounds. These women empower me to ask myself, what do I want to be remembered for? With movements like #BlackGirlMagic, it has inspired me to showcase these diverse yet inclusive women. Happy International Women’s Day to all you liberated women using your platform to continuously inspire and empower. x

Adwoa Aboah – @adwoaaboah

Adwoa is a huge inspiration, she has battled with depression but she came out on top. Besides being a high fashion and streetwear model, she advocates for young women with her organization Gurls Talk. She partners with various organizations and fashion brands to create a more efficient space for all girls to talk without judgment. For International Women’s Day, Versace North America will donate 10% to Gurls Talk.


Ebonee Davis – @eboneedavis

Last summer, I was introduced to Ebonee. Not personally but we were at an Everyday People event, where she recited a performance piece that I later learned was an open letter to the fashion industry. She brings awareness to systemic racism and to appropriation in fashion. She advocates for black models and is a powerful force that won’t be silenced. With over 90,000 views, her TEDTalk is a must watch.


Duckie Thot – @duckieofficial

The Australian Sudanese beauty took the fashion industry by storm in 2017. Duckie is a huge advocate for inclusion and representation. She was apart of history for Pirelli’s 2018 Fashion Calendar. As Alice in Wonderland, Duckie did it for the culture and for girls around the world who struggle with self-acceptance.


Winnie Harlow – @winnieharlow 

The standard of beauty changed when Winnie Harlow took the scene. She was bullied as a child after being diagnosed with vitiligo. It was so bad that she dropped out of high school and was homeschooled. After being on ANTM with Tyra Banks, it was her time. In this time she developed courage and self-love. She’s an inspiration to many young girls who doubt their value.


Slick Woods – @slickwoods

Only her mom calls her Simone. She’s the face of Fenty Beauty, who’s not your typical beauty girl. It’s important for little black girls to see women like her and say wow, she has a gap or full lips just like me. Alongside, Duckie and an all-black renowned cast she appeared in Pirelli’s 2018 Fashion Calander.


Anok Yai – @anokyai

Anok’s story is a dream come true. She went viral on social media then became the second black model to open the Prada show since 1997. You can guess who was the first, Queen Naomi Campbell. Black women are still making history in 2018. I’d love to see Anok have a career like Naomi, she deserves this.


Iesha Hodges – @ieshahodgesofficial

Iesha is a Brooklyn native and more than a model. This beauty is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and you can catch her blogging on Youtube. She’s the founder of the non-profit organization Double Dare to Dream. It is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and uplifting women and youth to pursuing and following their dreams. She’s a contributor to many charities and organizations in her community. Between modeling for Marc Jacobs and Mui Mui, she’s pioneering her movement Big Chop Girls. She’s worth getting to know.


Aya Jones – @iamayajones

Aya is a Parisian belle that was well received for her first ever show as a Prada exclusive for spring/summer 15. After suffering from a near fatal accident in 2016 and a yearlong recovery, we’re happy she’s back on the runway. She’s an advocate for ethnic diversity and encourages a healthy body image for models. She stands up against child labor. Aya brings awareness to basic liberties that many children across the world are deprived of. She believes that by having purity and simplicity from the inside you will have everything to look beautiful from the outside.


It’s an exciting season for what’s trending, whether its high fashion or fast fashion. I wasn’t the girl to spend real money on clothing, but this season I’m checking for high-priced outerwear and designer t-shirts. My current brand obsession is Balenciaga. I WANT EVERYTHING DEMNA! If someone asked me years ago about trends, I would say that it doesn’t matter and wear what you want. However, after being in school forever, I’ve learned that trends are everything in this industry. I’ve selected my top 5 fashion trends & the trends we need to let go. Leave a note with your favorite trends of the year. x

Transparent Jacket Street Style

Transparent Jackets

I’m here for the PVC, but it’s time to let go of the transparent boots. A few years ago, I blogged about the Jeffery Campbell Cleata and stated they’re dope but not for everyone. World stop, they are not for everyone. Carry on. Plastic rainwear is super cool these days and it’s certainly a trend anyone can pull off.

Logomania Street Style


When 90s fashion is in style, the world is a happier place. With that, its time to let go of total neutral looks. Monochromatic looks will always be accepted and encouraged but the Yeezy aesthetic has to end.

Lavender Street Style


Pantone has announced the color of the year as Ultra Violet, it’s time to let go of millennial pink. To be honest, I’m not completely over pink yet. I have an Alpha Industries MA1 Mauve Bomber that I can’t wait to wear. Ultra Violet is the color of 2018 and we are seeing waves of enigmatic purple especially Lavender.

Social Movement Fashion Statement Street Style

Social Movement

We will not be silenced. Time’s Up. Black Lives Matter. It’s time to let go of unawareness. Social movements are incorporated into fashion as an everyday protest. It’s important that we continue the conversation by any means necessary. Let’s continue to let the clothes speak volumes.

Belt Bag Street Style

Belt Bags

Formally known as the fanny pack. I’m saving for a Gucci belt bag, it’s an absolute must as is most of my minor obsessions. Lastly, it’s time to let go of backless loafers. Fur or no fur, women are looking fashionably confused wearing backless loafers with a Canada Goose puffer. Let’s do better.

She’s powerful using her words, secure with all her beauty, and grounded in her beliefs. There’s a lot to learn from Tracee Ellis Ross when it comes to living your best life, but for now I’ve compiled seven style lessons from 2017. Though she’s spent most of her career in the entertainment industry, she’s no stranger to fashion. Whether she’s styling herself in an empowering message t-shirt or rocking a Chanel gown with cornrows and bantu knots, she’s nothing short of an effortless force.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #1: It’s fashionable to stand out in color.

Tracee is not afraid of bold hues. When in couture, go bright or stay home.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #2: Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns.

Whether you use one base color or two, go all the way with confidence. Trust in yourself.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #3: You can wear anything at any age.

It’s no secret that Tracee is 45 years young and wears lipstick to the gym. Keyword: gym.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #4: Cherish vintage pieces, forever.

Whether it’s a YSL dress or a Agnes B. button down from high school. Tracee loves to re-wear in a new way.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #5: Don’t hide your accessories nor leave your red lipstick at home.

She’s a Golden Globe winner and #TimesUp advocate, dress for what you believe in + manifest in your truth.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #6: Be your own stylist – and kill it.

Be feminine, be aware, above all, be your definition of alluring. Don’t let society define your style.

Tracee Ellis Ross Style

Lesson #7: Pose often + have fun doing it.

Can we have Tracee on the cover of US Vogue for 2018? Please & thank you Anna Wintour.

Stephanie Chanel Blog

New year, same blog. I don’t know what it is about 2018 that has me thrilled about life. I want to say it’s because eight is one of my favorite numbers or truthfully, because I have proven to myself that I can literally accomplish anything. This year is for self-love and perseverance. I can’t go on without acknowledging that I’m happy to be blogging again. Though it’s been over a year since my last post, I’m back and I’m better. I’m not perfect nor do I have the perfect blog, however I know what my blog goals are. I look forward to projects + collaborations and all the changes She Casually Allure will undergo. I’m back to dig deeper and dive harder into the world that I’m so passionate about. Welcome back to where story-telling and high fashion meet.  x