Top Fashion Trends of 2018

It’s an exciting season for what’s trending, whether its high fashion or fast fashion. I wasn’t the girl to spend real money on clothing, but this season I’m checking for high-priced outerwear and designer t-shirts. My current brand obsession is Balanciaga. I WANT EVERYTHING DEMNA! If someone asked me years ago about trends, I would say that it doesn’t matter and wear what you want. However, after being in school forever, I’ve learned that trends are everything in this industry. I’ve selected my top 5 fashion trends & the trends we need to let go. Leave a note with your favorite trends of the year. x

Transparent Jacket Street Style

Transparent Jackets

I’m here for the PVC, but it’s time to let go of the transparent boots. A few years ago, I blogged about the Jeffery Campbell Cleata and stated they’re dope but not for everyone. World stop, they are not for everyone. Carry on. Plastic rainwear is super cool these days and its certainly a trend anyone can pull off.

Logomania Street Style


When 90s fashion is in style, the world is a happier place. With that, its time to let go of total neutral looks. Monochromatic looks will always be accepted and encouraged but the Yeezy aesthetic has to end.

Lavender Street Style


Pantone has announced the color of the year as Ultra Violet, it’s time to let go of millennial pink. To be honest, I’m not completely over pink yet. I have an Alpha Industries MA1 Mauve Bomber that I can’t wait to wear. Ultra Violet is the color of 2018 and we are seeing waves of enigmatic purple especially Lavender.

Social Movement Fashion Statement Street Style

Social Movement

We will not be silenced. Time’s Up. Black Lives Matter. It’s time to let go of unawareness. Social movements are incorporated into fashion as an everyday protest. It’s important that we continue the conversation by any means necessary. Let’s continue to let the clothes speak volumes.

Belt Bag Street Style

Belt Bags

Formally known as the fanny pack. I’m saving for a Gucci belt bag, it’s an absolute must as is most of my minor obsessions. Lastly, it’s time to let go of backless loafers. Fur or no fur, women are looking fashionably confused wearing backless loafers with a Canada Goose puffer. Lets do better.


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