What a great way to start the month of October. For those who have been following Paris Fashion Week has seen and heard about Mr. West’s debut womenswear collection. With fashion’s elite seated in the front row and top models ripping the runway, without a doubt, Kanye is a fashion genius. The mixture of street and high fashion is impeccable. Paris Fashion Week is the talk around town y’all.

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Over the next several days, I will be posting a series of presentations from S/S RTW 2012 collections!


5.10.2011 – Kanye West

6.10.2011 – Alexander McQueen

7.10.2011 – Jason Wu

10.10.2011 – Oscar de la Renta

11.10.2011 – Marc Jacobs

12.10.2011 – Lanvin

13.10.2011 – Balenciaga

14.10.2011 – Givenchy

17.10.2011 – Chanel

Designer: Nicola Formichetti (Mugler)

Shout out to ELLE magazine and Kyle Anderson.

If I owned these I’d rock them with a tapered harem pant and slightly over sized sequin top.

the Fashion and the Last Street Disciples.

-the Fashion Qu’ran.

(an excerpt)

the Fashion Qu’ran.

The Manual. Who to know and how to maintain a fashionable lifestyle.


Fashionism is a craft. This is the practice of living and maintaining a fashionable lifestyle (i.e. constant wardrobe updates, reading mags/entertainment, following/setting/spotting the latest trends, excessive partying, etc.) Those who practice the craft are dubbed Fashionites. Whether a musician or physician; fashionism accepts all other individuals along with their separate lifestyle.

the Mission.

To spread the positivity that is fashion. Fashion is love, peace and equality; that is our only mission.

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Kanye West is one of my top five male fashion icons. I admire his taste and inquisitive eye for all things fashionable. Even dressed in all black he looks dapper. He’s been an inspiration to many whether in fashion or music. I like Amber Rose and all but she needs to stop denying that Yeezy didn’t teach her well. We all know that he did.