the Fashion and the Last Street Disciples.

-the Fashion Qu’ran.

(an excerpt)

the Fashion Qu’ran.

The Manual. Who to know and how to maintain a fashionable lifestyle.


Fashionism is a craft. This is the practice of living and maintaining a fashionable lifestyle (i.e. constant wardrobe updates, reading mags/entertainment, following/setting/spotting the latest trends, excessive partying, etc.) Those who practice the craft are dubbed Fashionites. Whether a musician or physician; fashionism accepts all other individuals along with their separate lifestyle.

the Mission.

To spread the positivity that is fashion. Fashion is love, peace and equality; that is our only mission.

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Kanye West is one of my top five male fashion icons. I admire his taste and inquisitive eye for all things fashionable. Even dressed in all black he looks dapper. He’s been an inspiration to many whether in fashion or music. I like Amber Rose and all but she needs to stop denying that Yeezy didn’t teach her well. We all know that he did.

“When I first moved to New York, I bought VOGUE instead dinner. I felt like it fed me more.”

– Carrie Bradshaw


I have a slight problem. I have about 5 issues sitting on my bed that I haven’t read yet. I can admit it, I’m a magazine head. I’m even considering interning for a small magazine over the summer. Last year, it was all about Seventeen, Elle, and Lucky. This year, I’ve subscribed to Vogue, W, Interview, and Elle (which is my absolute favorite.) Don’t get me started on my online subscriptions, that’s worse because it’s free. In all honesty, it’s not only about the fashion ads or the latest trends, the stories and editorials are amazing as well. I get major inspiration from magazines. They broaden my fashion sense, opens my eyes to new things and I learn a great deal about different cities and what they have to offer. Which is why I have a bucket list of cities and countries I must visit… x

So tonight’s the night, the greatest fashion party is here. Stores will remain open until 11pm and people are able to shop and support the fashion industry. Participating stores will have music, food, celebrity appearances, giveaways, new releases, etc. One of the greatest nights to be a New Yorker, I’m not sure what #FNO is like in other cities and countries but it can’t possibly compare to The Big Apple especially during New York Fashion Week. I have a great evening of events planned and will be enjoyed. See you at 6. My mission for the night is to meet one of my style inspirations Rachel Zoe. x

Throughout my life, my sense of creativity was strong. I was offered an art scholarship in elementary school, but I never pursued it. I was reminded to never let my talent go to waste. I dabbled in a bit of poetry, writing, sculpting, drawing, and I enjoyed them all. I loved to write as a kid and I once wanted to be a journalist when I grew up. Now that I’m twenty-one and I look back at my life, I will tell this to anyone, never give up on something you can be great at. If it’s something that makes you happy, follow your heart and chase after what you want. No one knows what’s best for you, but yourself.

Parents may say “We’re your parents, we know what’s best.” Most parents don’t even know what their children’s interests are and sometimes they’re forced to grow up to be people they don’t want to be. God made everyone different for a reason and God gave everyone free will for a reason. Parents were created for constructive criticism, guidance and to sign permission slips, not to control their kids.

If I could describe myself in one word it would have to be a dreamer, whether it’s big or small, outrageous or reachable, I’m always dreaming. Not everyone will agree with what I like or feel that I’m not being realistic and practical, but I don’t care. I’m the girl that likes to go to an art museum during the week, take long walks through a park just to think, go shopping on a Sunday by herself and just be free to make her own decisions. My dreams get me through life. I’m Stephanie, and you are? x