Two years ago, I started my first blog and people fell in love with it. It was amazing to have supporters from all over the world. I thought to myself I should be doing more. So after a few months, I deleted it to work on something bigger. In the midst of brainstorming ideas for my new found project, I fell in lust with Tumblr and was caught up, reblogging my life away. Once everyone and their best friend found out about Tumblr I was over it and left her. I started to focus on my project more and promised to never fall off the wagon again. Months later, I was approached by RSNY Mag to be their fashion blogger and I immediately agreed, I did a couple of posts and got caught up with life. Blogging was then put on hold. One day on Twitter, a friend posted her link to Tumblr and from there it was a wrap. I spent an hour going through her blog, it was amazing and reminded me of my old one. I decided to make another one dedicated to beautiful and bad women everywhere. Badd Behaviour is active but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Seeing that I didn’t have an outlet to truly express myself, I felt it was necessary for ‘She Casually Allure’ to be my online diary. I am here not to be judged, not to care about spelling & grammar errors but to be honest and express how I feel. Raw and uncut. It’s all about having a great time & living in the moment.

This is my story. x