JAY Z – Picasso Baby: A Performance Art  on Vimeo.

My first thoughts after watching this performing arts film were “Holy$#!%” “Absolutely Astounding.” I’m so inspired by Jay-Z and his director Mark Romanek, and what they put forth with this video. After a 6 hour performance, Jay-Z managed to have music and art come together for a historical moment. It was filmed here in NYC at the Pace Gallery, the perfect setting!

Oh what a feeling, PICASSO BABY.

Inspired by Yours Truly, Illustrated by Lavan Wright

“I thank God for my imagination.” – Lavan

Known as the Prince of Kreemo. Meet LaVan Wright, art director and co-founder of Kreemo, the clothing brand. With celebrity clients, the Prince is making his mark in the art scene. The image above, reminds me of a young Cleopatra; breaking hearts and hustling for the luxury life she’s used to. In reference to Frank Ocean’s song, “Pyramids” you can see the correlation and vision of this piece. This is amazingly dope work. Get to know his face, his work and his brand. Contact him below.

Instagram: @lavanwright

Twitter: @LaVan_Wright

Portfolio: Lavan Wright