Meg Schmidt is the creative mastermind behind the brand Cupcake Meg. From New York to Virginia and back, she’s always remained true to her craft and like wine, she’s only getting better. Since her launch in 2010, business has grown tremendously with tasty and fashionable cupcakes and clothing. As one of her oldest friends, I’ve been inspired by her work ethic and her incredible mindset. I had the opportunity to interview her over lunch and it was nothing short of a great time. Enjoy x

“My personal style is very tomboyish but still sexy and if you grab a piece of menswear you don’t have to wear it like a man would.”

1. Who is Cupcake Meg?

CM: Cupcake Meg is a cupcake enthusiast and baker. Lover of all things sweet in the world. She is obviously very funny (laughs) and very giddy but she really wants to brighten up everyone’s little face with sugar. She’s a passionate girl who does baking for a little bit more than the obvious reasons.

2. Have you always wanted to be a baker/designer?

CM: I first wanted to be a designer but I didn’t want to do too much too soon without enough start up capital. Whenever I do something I want to be taken seriously, so I thought that the vehicle to getting me to being this really cool New York streetwear designer would be selling cupcakes. It’s something simple and something I can be really creative with. I figured I’ll sell some cupcakes and make enough money for my clothes and next thing I knew people really liked the cupcakes.

3. What was the inspiration behind 350° by CupcakeMeg?

CM: Well 350° started because like I said I wanted to do clothing first. Cupcakes weren’t on my radar in the genesis of Meg becoming an entrepreneur. Since I’ve fully indulged myself in everything cupcake to get me where I wanted to go I can’t get out of that state of mind. It’s my brand and it’s who I am. Cupcakes are like my life. Most bakers know that before you turn on the oven, for some cupcakes, you have to preheat it at 350° which is a very hot temperature and we’re creating some really hot stuff. There’s some things in the oven still, I did a preview this past month but I’m putting in a lot of work to make the rest of the year really special for 350. I have some thing’s planned for swim this summer and some really cute/cool stuff for the ladies as well as the guys.

So would you say your clothing line mirrors your style?

CM: Yes. It will always be street chic. I’m a big hip hop fan so it’s always mixed in, I never design or bake without some music in the background and it’s not just any music — it’s always hip hop or that New York sound that has me on my feet, has me hungry, and has me wanting to work all the time.

4. Name one style rule you think all women should break.

CM: All women should wear a piece of men’s clothing. My personal style is very tomboyish but still sexy and if you grab a piece of menswear you don’t have to wear it like a man would. If you can change it up a little bit and make it sexy like wearing straight leg jeans and turning the waist up — there’s nothing wrong letting it be a low rise. Just throw on a crop top and a snapback, and that is sexy. So yeah, I think women should always consider incorporating menswear in their wardrobe.

5. You have creative cupcakes and shirts under your belt, any other projects this year?

CM: Yes. I’m definitely in the beginning stages of planning a pop up shop to kick off this summer. I really want to make this summer a memorable one for a lot of people my age, out of college, back in New York or has moved to New York. We really have to keep the culture going just so that we can preserve the culture and showcase more talent, more than what I have, we gotta keep showing off and showing out. Just so we can have that opportunity I’m hoping to participate and even spectate at some cool events this year. 

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