That Rihanna reign just won’t let up. She joins the elegant forces of Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman as the first woman of colour for Dior’s latest campaign. THIS IS MAJOR! The doors are opening for women of many races and this is just a preview. Rihanna werked it in the ‘Secret Garden IV’ short film as well as the photoshoot with the legendary fashion photographer Steven Klein. Taken place at the royal château, the beautiful Palace of Versailles in France is a breathtaking moment for the high fashion brand. The short film is so DIOR and Rihanna radiated flawlessly. My favorite scene has to be the seductive strut, it’s luxuriously magical yet dark.  This will forever be noted as one of my favorite fashion films + campaigns. Thank you Raf. x

Ever notice those curve balls life tries to throw at you? It’s either you catch it and move on or drop the ball and attempt to move on. I had a reflective moment upon receiving the tear sheets of this shoot. This day was one of the hardest days I’ve worked in my entire life; I remember feeling so defeated at the end of this shoot. I was so exhausted from being on my feet for so long and injured from steaming clothes all afternoon. It was definitely one of my worst days, but all throughout I remained positive and forever grateful to Nakima for having me assist her. Every one who knows me personally, knows that I love my job as a stylist assistant so when I opened the email after months of waiting and as I scrolled upon the first image (posted above) there it was — MY NAME IN PRINT! At that moment, it all made sense. The long hours, the team playing, and the hard work it was all worth it. The experience was an enlightening one for me, it has taught me that obstacles are necessary but one must persevere and shine on. My participation in this project means a great deal to me and I owe thanks to Nakima Benjamin and photographer Kira Bucca for sharing this moment with me! x