Congratulations are in order! As a woman and a young American, I realized that anything is really possible. Let’s continue to be dreamers and supporters of our great nation alongside our re-elected 44th President, BARACK OBAMA. Because he cares.

It doesn’t stop here. #TwoTerms

We will always love you Whitney.

She was truly legendary. The greatest voice of our time.

Seventeen year old, Ashley Duncan took her own life last week. Tweet after tweet, message after message, no one listened to her or even reached out. It’s so unfortunate when you hear the story of another young girl lost to depression and suicide. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that it’s a serious problem. When you’re left alone with your thoughts it will eat you alive. The day before she took her life, she posted on Tumblr, this message:

“if you know or have known what it feels like to want to die every minute second hour day week month year then you feel me… one day I won’t be here anymore and that’ll be the happiest day of my life…”

When I first read her story, I thought “wow, where were her friends? where’s her family?” Her tweets and blog posts were a blatant cry for help, a cry for someone to listen to her. She even posted a picture of a gun on But evidently, no one was listening and it seemed as if no one cared. Ashley isn’t the only person that felt the way she did. There’s thousands of people that feel this way everyday. Don’t ignore the signs or it will be another lost cause.

I hope people across the country sees this as a wake up call, especially parents. Be involved in your children’s lives. Teenage years are hard; listening goes a really long way. Being attentive is free and you just might save a life. Sadly, I’m sure Ashley’s friends and family regret not taking her seriously, because she just might be alive today. Unfortunately, she’s gone but she has our attention now.

RIP Ashley. Sorry it was too late.

1. Got Osama Bin Laden… check

2. Unemployment rate 8.5%… check

3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help… check

4. Twenty-two months of job and economic growth with no help… check

5. Ended the war in Iraq… check

6. DADT repeal… check

7. Not one tax hike in 3 years… check

8. Brought out of racism in the GOP… check

9. Still carry 80% of the black vote… check

10. Same wife for 15 years with no extra marital affairs… check

11. Save the auto industry and 1.5 million jobs… check

12. Assisted in ousting Khaddafi… check

13. Only active President to receive a Nobel Peace prize while in office… check

14. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home… check

15. STILL fighting for middle class families… check

16. Reform affordable health care… check

Despite what the GOP would have you believe Obama has been doing these things & more by himself.

-OBAMA 2012-

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