First and foremost, I would like to thank those who continue to support and encourage my work as a fashion blogger. I know I said I was going to remain continuous and update as often as I possibly can but as of lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired. On a lighter note, I have accepted an offer to be a fashion stylist assistant. This is an opportunity that I am extremely excited for. I hope the rest of my endeavors are just as fulfilling. I will return to blogging very soon, but right now I’m focused on my career. However, I haven’t forgotten about my amazing supporters. Take care (in my best Drake voice), and I shall return with more story-telling and high fashion. x

What is it that makes a woman alluring? 

What is that intangible that turns heads and touches
hearts, catching your eye and holds you with its power?

Every woman has her own special allure. It can be found
in a glance, a movement, a voice, a face across a crowded room.

Wherever allure exists. It is unmistakable and irresistible.
And like a perfect memory . . .
It lasts forever.

CHANEL was genius in creating this ad, it really speaks volumes with very few words. It caught my attention because it’s the epitome of what my blog stands for. Three years ago, I was highly selective in the titling and the [dot]com for my blog. Kanye West is a huge fashion iconic movement, and his music portrays that as well. Needless to say, the title was derived from his song, Devil in a New Dress. She Casually Allure, represents a woman who isn’t forcing the universe to recognize her beauty; her natural allure and personality is what really makes her attractive. It just so happened the fragrance Allure is by Chanel, prompting the birth of stephaniechanel[dot]com.

I can’t wait to feel your warmth against my skin. I’m exhilarated by the thought of my radiant and luminous glow to come forth while wearing crop tops + high waist everything. I’ll love for you to introduce me to the boyfriend jean with a distressed vintage tee. I’m ready for nights on the beach, sipping champagne in my white shirt dress. Sundresses and snap backs? Definitely – but not together. This will be the season for my nude sandals to thrive. I want to be ravished by a beautiful date in the city, with my clutch in hand. Be good to my jewels and please show the same love to my friends. x

“…claiming your 20s is one of the simplest, yet most transformative, things you can do for work, for love, for your happiness, maybe even for the world.”

I was sent a video of psychologist, Meg Jay of Ted giving a speech on Why 30 Is Not The New 20. She touched on a few subjects that resonated with me like having a career and a family. When I was a little girl, I thought I would have everything by 26, including a career and a wedding ring. Now at 23, I’m nowhere close to having either one. When I was 19, I felt that I had nothing but time to frolic around with my friends. However, I got older and developed a mindset that it’s okay not have everything together as long as I had a plan. This year, I plan to broaden my résumé.

After watching the video, I felt great about “claiming my twenties”. These are the defining years of my life to capitalize, build + maintain my Rolodex. These are the last developmental years before adulthood and I don’t want to waste anymore time. It’s time to educate myself and use my resources to my advantage. I may even land a boyfriend in the process, who knows.

To my fellow twentysomethings, don’t waste these years. Don’t wait until you’re 30 to have the career you want, the husband or wife you’ve dreamed about; you’re an investment. As Meg Jay says, get some identity capital and add value to who you are. Use your weak ties to get ahead. You can still define yourself and have fun doing it!

Antoinette says 2014 is the year for the turn around and I hope she’s right. I’m ready for the upscale networking events and the occasional ratchet soirée’s amongst other creatives like myself. There are so many projects I want to see prosper. But I’ve learned when you spread yourself too thin, it leaves little room for growth. So I’ve decided to focus on my blog and styling project. However, I do hope to land a PR internship this year as well. It shall be a productive year for me.

 As for my love life – I feel incomplete.

 I’m in the stages of getting over someone I can’t have and it sucks because my heart refuses to accept reality. Noelle’s theory is that the universe has someone better in store. I say fuck the universe for making me want someone, giving me a taste of what it’s like to be with that someone and taking it away. Now I must indulge in my work to fill the void of what’s missing. But that’s life right? This is what we 20-something women do because 20-something men don’t have time for us.

They say failure teaches success but what teaches the heart to move on — Time?