Brooklyn’s finest Eden Heath is a newbie YouTuber who revamps her life through her channel. Eden MoreThanFace launched this past summer and it really is the start to something great. She expresses through her channel that she is more than her face. She’s a makeup artist, a model, and has a knack for home repairs. After the release of her trailer, I was sold on everything and knew I had to feature her on my blog. I met up with Eden in Brooklyn to interview her. It was an entertaining night, featuring shots of her at the Brooklyn Museum showcasing her style. Be sure to follow Eden, she’s nothing short of alluring. x

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“I can’t think of anything else I’ve wanted to own more than the chain bralet. It’s a handmade top, custom to your boobs. It is beautiful and it’s something that nobody else has.”

1. From a young age, girls are drawn to make up because they want to embody the glamorous lifestyle. What inspired you to go forth with your love for makeup artistry and launching your YouTube channel?

EM: (laughing) First of all I love your face; let’s see I was attracted to art to begin with so I was always interested in art. I noticed I couldn’t depict how I felt through my art all the time so I’ve been through fashion design; I used draw, I used to make clothes, and then I went into modeling and I realized you can express yourself in so many ways. Then it was like I wanna beat faces. I love to express feelings like sultry, soulful, light and dark, scary and all that. All through makeup. As a kid I wasn’t even fascinated with makeup — that’s a lie. I snuck and did my makeup a lot, but I never thought that I would be in love with it the way I am now. Never imagined that it was something that I was going to be able to do.

2. Tell us about Eden MoreThanFace.

EM: (smiles) This is a great question. A lot of times people see me knowing I model sometimes, I post a thousand effin’ selfies all the time. But people think that that’s all I have to offer the world, like oh you’re just a face. So for a long time, whether it was family members or random people, I would get comments like “you’re just a pretty face” and sometimes it was just something to say but sometimes they really felt that way and it was hurtful. So I created my blog to show I can do things. I am more than just my face, more than what you see at face value. So that’s what really geared me to get that going. I also wanted to revamp who I was and I can do that through my channel.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

EM: There’s a lot of makeup artists that I randomly see and I’m like OMG I love that. If I’m walking down the street in the Fall and the colors grasp me, like hues of browns and oranges. In the summertime, I’m drawn to purple and lavender. Pretty much everything that I see inspires me like an artist would paint what inspires them.

What do you love most about make up?
EM: It gives people the confidence they may not have on their own. They may have blemishes or little imperfections, you’ll look at someone and think they are completely beautiful without it. But they’re at peace with a little bit of makeup, so I believe that’s great for people. You don’t have to have any reconstructive surgery, you can just be yourself through your makeup and be a lot more comfortable with who you are.

4. You have the skill for runway shows and editorials, is that something we can look forward to seeing you do more of?

EM: Yes, they definitely can!

5. From the looks you’ve walked on the runway, what’s something you wore and considered a staple piece to own?

EM: I’ve modeled for Friday by Friday, I went to high school with her. She has this chain that’s almost a Balmain inspired top. You can kind of see through it, it’s similar to a mesh chain top and I absolutely love it and I must own it. It’s one of my favorite pieces, I can’t think of anything else I’ve wanted to own more than the chain bralet. It’s a handmade top, custom to your boobs. It is beautiful and it’s something that nobody else has.

6. What’s something you own that you think every woman should have in their closet?
EM: I would say my leather jacket – it’s a structured jacket (sigh) I love it so much. That’s what I wore today, even though it’s thrown over there like I don’t appreciate it (laughs) but I really do love it. I looked at it for so long online and I’m like this is like half a stack, I don’t know if I should invest then one day it went on sale and there were two left — I didn’t get either one of them. They actually restocked at 3 o’clock in the morning the next day, I grabbed it for $100. I was so happy, it was meant to be.

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From Flatbush, Brooklyn to the ‘burbs of LI. Here’s a DJ who represents NYC to the fullest. Formerly known as Ernie B and due to personal growth as a disc jockey he now goes by the name Ernz Eastwood. From the likes of Junior Reid, Nipsey Hussle and many other artists, it is clear that Ernz Eastwood is dedicated and passionate about the music industry. After starting his career in Queens with Diff’rent World Ent., he’s expanded his palette into more than just parties and events. He’s introduced ErnzWorld Radio to the scene with more to come, so be ready. I had the privilege to interview him and I must agree, Ernz you’re awesome! All upcoming talent be sure to reach out to ErnzWorld[dot]com. x

“A lot of people will jump to what this rapper is wearing or what that chick said to rock. If I like what I see from the visual, it could cost 10 dollars but if it’s fucking fly – I’m taking it.”

1. What originally got you involved with hip hop music?

EE: Definitely driving around with my father, listening to Notorious B.I.G. all the time. My father had the biggest collection when it came to Notorious B.I.G; Mixed CDs from all the DJs. So while driving around as a kid, I’m like “Okay this is hip hop”. He was saying some explicit things and my father was letting me listen to it so I became interested at that point.

2. When you first started, did you anticipate success as a DJ?

EE: When I first started, I didn’t. It started out as just a hobby and something I really wanted to do was master that scratch sound, that ira ira sound. From listening to all the DJs, that’s what attracted me and that’s what I wanted to do more than anything I just needed to make that sound.

Who were your DJ influences?

EE: DJ Spinbad and Funkmaster Flex. I used to record all their sets. I remember I would hop in the shower at 7:30p and Spinbad was on Power 105.1 and I was locked in all the time. I’d put the tape in, hit record and run it back religiously every night.

3. Who is the most famous person you’ve had the pleasure of partying with?

EE: I would say Peter Rosenberg, I ran into him at SOBs for Who’s Next Wednesdays with Hot 97. He’s mad cool and humble. He was like “What’s your DJ name?” I was like “Yo my name is Ernz Eastwood”, he was like “I like it” and ended up giving me a drop. I would also say, Mack Wilds. I met him for the first time at Hot Night Out in the summertime. He was mad cool, he grabbed me for a picture. And I can’t forget Nipsey Hussle, I did his show at Santos Party House in 2012 and we got to chop it up backstage.

4. You’re always rocking cool snapbacks and beanies. Which are your favorite ones?

EE: My favorite is definitely HUF. Its a brand that is inspired by marijuana trees and Hawaiian trees. It has to be a 5 panel though, if it ain’t a 5 panel I don’t want it. Also, ErnzWorld hats because that’s my shit. They’re just ill to me, I’ll definitely get you one. Lastly, my “You Can’t Sit With Us” hat. Every girl stops me saying “I like your hat, I want your hat”. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know it was a line from Mean Girls until my cousin told me. But yeah it’s actually from my boys, they’re a group of promoters based in NY, the CirocBoyz. They always throw parties, plus they deal with Nick Storm who is the ambassador of Ciroc; their brand is CrewLove so hashtag YouCantSitWithUs and CrewLove, and you’ll see it.

5. How and where do you draw your inspiration for your outfits?

EE: For the most part, I love black. All black everything, I hate white tees but I love color. I’m very simple, but I like different types of looks. I’ll go for something that everyone is not going jump on first. A lot of people will jump to what this rapper is wearing or what that chick said to rock. If I like what I see from the visual, it could cost 10 dollars but if it’s fucking fly – I’m taking it. Bag that shit up, Macklemore style.

6. And in your music?

EE: With music, I’ve realized while growing up and being around it all the time that music is a feeling. When you’re at a party, it’s all about a feeling. Some DJs will think just because it’s a hot song they should play it. But if you didn’t play it after the last song that feels like it, it’s not going to go. You want to put people in a mood and keep them in that zone. If I’m in a zone, I should be able to put the crowd in the same zone that I’m in. For me, it’s about practice and organization. You also have to be ready for change and to always read the crowd; if you came to party you shouldn’t be thinking about your boss at work or your ex boyfriend, you should be zoned in and having a good time.

7. Would you consider opening a music store one day or would it be obsolete due to the advancement of technology?
EE: Hmm, interesting. To be honest, what I’d like to do is open a school. It would be great for the youth and for the most part, I have a lot of patience so I would definitely like to teach at some point. Music now is different from before and will be different in the future so if I’m going to teach, I’m giving you music history.

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Meg Schmidt is the creative mastermind behind the brand Cupcake Meg. From New York to Virginia and back, she’s always remained true to her craft and like wine, she’s only getting better. Since her launch in 2010, business has grown tremendously with tasty and fashionable cupcakes and clothing. As one of her oldest friends, I’ve been inspired by her work ethic and her incredible mindset. I had the opportunity to interview her over lunch and it was nothing short of a great time. Enjoy x

“My personal style is very tomboyish but still sexy and if you grab a piece of menswear you don’t have to wear it like a man would.”

1. Who is Cupcake Meg?

CM: Cupcake Meg is a cupcake enthusiast and baker. Lover of all things sweet in the world. She is obviously very funny (laughs) and very giddy but she really wants to brighten up everyone’s little face with sugar. She’s a passionate girl who does baking for a little bit more than the obvious reasons.

2. Have you always wanted to be a baker/designer?

CM: I first wanted to be a designer but I didn’t want to do too much too soon without enough start up capital. Whenever I do something I want to be taken seriously, so I thought that the vehicle to getting me to being this really cool New York streetwear designer would be selling cupcakes. It’s something simple and something I can be really creative with. I figured I’ll sell some cupcakes and make enough money for my clothes and next thing I knew people really liked the cupcakes.

3. What was the inspiration behind 350° by CupcakeMeg?

CM: Well 350° started because like I said I wanted to do clothing first. Cupcakes weren’t on my radar in the genesis of Meg becoming an entrepreneur. Since I’ve fully indulged myself in everything cupcake to get me where I wanted to go I can’t get out of that state of mind. It’s my brand and it’s who I am. Cupcakes are like my life. Most bakers know that before you turn on the oven, for some cupcakes, you have to preheat it at 350° which is a very hot temperature and we’re creating some really hot stuff. There’s some things in the oven still, I did a preview this past month but I’m putting in a lot of work to make the rest of the year really special for 350. I have some thing’s planned for swim this summer and some really cute/cool stuff for the ladies as well as the guys.

So would you say your clothing line mirrors your style?

CM: Yes. It will always be street chic. I’m a big hip hop fan so it’s always mixed in, I never design or bake without some music in the background and it’s not just any music — it’s always hip hop or that New York sound that has me on my feet, has me hungry, and has me wanting to work all the time.

4. Name one style rule you think all women should break.

CM: All women should wear a piece of men’s clothing. My personal style is very tomboyish but still sexy and if you grab a piece of menswear you don’t have to wear it like a man would. If you can change it up a little bit and make it sexy like wearing straight leg jeans and turning the waist up — there’s nothing wrong letting it be a low rise. Just throw on a crop top and a snapback, and that is sexy. So yeah, I think women should always consider incorporating menswear in their wardrobe.

5. You have creative cupcakes and shirts under your belt, any other projects this year?

CM: Yes. I’m definitely in the beginning stages of planning a pop up shop to kick off this summer. I really want to make this summer a memorable one for a lot of people my age, out of college, back in New York or has moved to New York. We really have to keep the culture going just so that we can preserve the culture and showcase more talent, more than what I have, we gotta keep showing off and showing out. Just so we can have that opportunity I’m hoping to participate and even spectate at some cool events this year.

** Cupcake Meg has newly introduced facial & body sugar scrubs in delicious flavors. Made with certified organic fair-trade sugar + the best ingredients to achieve a natural, super sweet glow.

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Here’s a gentleman, who needs no introduction. In the world of Mike Classic – hip hop isn’t just music, it’s a way of life. His music is equally all over the map: there are R&B melodies, southern-style beats, and gangsta flows all while remaining true to his roots. I had the opportunity to interview the lyrical Queens native, by the way, being that we’re good friends you can imagine how hard it was to conduct a serious interview. Enjoy xo

“…when you find a gem in there and you rock it, it’s like damn he probably got that shit in Europe.”

1. How would you define your personal style?
MC: I would say my personal style is comfortable, clean-cut, something that fits the night and fits the day. I don’t really like to match that much; too much of something kind of gets on my nerves. I like to think outside the box sometimes, you know slowly moving into that so I would say being comfortable and different, always.

2. What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe right now?
MC: I got a new collection of bucket hats. I like to wear bucket hats when I go to hip hop events and stuff. It defines me, you know Classic; classic bucket hats. It was something that my father used to wear so it reminds me of the early hip hop days.

3. Where do you mostly shop? Online or in store?
MC: (laughs) Well, I’m slowly getting into thrift shops. Last year it was the typical regular stores in the malls and the outlets. I’ve been put on to up and coming clothing lines like Entrée, popular from LA. All the stuff that’s worn a lot like Ralph Lauren I’m really trying to shy away from.

It’s good to represent small boutiques because they’re unique.
MC: Yeah they’re unique and not too many people know about them so when you find a gem in there and you rock it, it’s like damn he probably got that shit in Europe. Flew there to get it. But yeah, that’s my new thing.

4. Who are some of your style inspirations?
MC: I don’t know if he would be considered in the fashion world but I’ve always liked the way Nas dressed. He comes from a background that I come from with the baggy jeans and messed up Timbs. But like him, I feel like I can switch it up myself. When I see him wear tuxedos he inspires me, you can be from wherever you’re from and you can always have style. Also, Justin Timberlake when it comes to being clean-cut and dressing down. When I get a little older and sell a couple records I want to wear fedoras and suspenders with Chuck Taylors. Keeping it classic.

5. At what point did you realize rapping was definitely going to be your career?
MC: Van Buren. It was in Van Buren when I released my first mixtape and I spent all my savings on studio time to the point I had no money. Spent it on mixing, mastering, and I put a project together. I think it was Junior year, I gave it out in the hallways for free and it was the response. From the gangstas and the nerds of high school; the shorties were coming up to me saying I did a really good job. People sat me to the side and it really hit my heart. I ain’t trying to get emotional, but I took it home, to put the icing on the cake, my mom was bumping my mixtape and then she recited one of my lyrics and after that I was like you know what, maybe this is what I’m suppose to do. People like the way I rap, people like what I’m talking about so I’ma keep it going. It’s been successful ever since.

6. With your success as a performer, do you have a signature stage look or do you mix it up?
MC: No, to me it doesn’t come down to what you’re wearing, it’s about the music. I see people like Kendrick Lamar that come into the game who has no style and he’s like the #1 artist right now and he still doesn’t have no real style but he’s one of the best performers. If I’m wearing sweats, I throw some chains on and to me, I’m fresh. Coming from where I’m from, not to sound cliché it’s really not about what you’re wearing but what you’re spitting and who you are as a person.

7. Are there any other areas that you like to express yourself creatively outside of music?
MC: I like to express myself by doing things for family and close friends to show them that I’m not just Mike Classic or that artist. I have a heart so if you hold me down, I hold you down. So I like doing stuff for people that deserve it.

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Everyone has their own idea of what style means to them. Style is unique to every individual and evolves differently. Honestly, there isn’t one right answer. Last year, I considered starting a blog series that consisted of various fashion-related topics but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. I  recently decided to work from a more interesting angle and create The Style Series. This is a very special project to me, so I appreciate everyone’s support. Every month, I will be interviewing a NYC based creative to be featured. This month to jump start the series, I had the opportunity to sit down with rapper, Mike Classic. Be sure to check back next week for the exclusive.

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