pret·ty (adj.): pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness.

Everyone has their own opinion as to what is pretty. Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2014 has been revealed; and Beyoncé graces the cover. As an artist, shooting for Time Magazine was an important achievement for her because she’s acknowledged for her influence on culture over fashion and beauty. With that said, Time announced the launch of her latest social media campaign, #WhatIsPretty alongside her new single, Pretty Hurts. The song emphasizes the importance of confidence among young women. To me, pretty can be defined as many things. Someone may have a pretty face or a pretty soul and/or spirit. Being pretty isn’t only on the surface, not to sound cliché but it’s about what’s on the inside as well. What Beyoncé has done for women around the world with her most recent album, that is pretty. Being different, original and authentic to one’s self, that is pretty. The song says, perfection is the disease of a nation and as women we fall victim to society’s standards of what is portrayed to be beautiful. The most groundbreaking moments in the video, are when Bey shatters all her trophies and when she lost the competition. I say this because as a black woman I shouldn’t feel subjected to be thin to work in fashion and that even the classic beauties can be beat out by a different type of beauty. There are many classifications and all women fall under their own category. I thank Beyoncé for this movement and I encourage everyone, guys and dolls to join the conversation. Hashtag ‘WhatIsPretty’ on your social media handles.

How do you define pretty? Enjoy the “Pretty Hurts” video below: